Platelet Morphology and Coagulation Activation Markers: Diagnostic Utility in Hemostatic Disorders
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Platelet Morphology and Coagulation Activation Markers: Diagnostic Utility in Hemostatic Disorders

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Professor Alhossain A. Khalafallah
Consultant Hematologist, School of Human Life Sciences
The Launceston General Hospital, Tasmania


Dr. Véronique Latger-Cannard
Medical Biologist, Biological Hematology Service
University Hospital of Nancy, Vandoeuvre-Les-Nancy, France
North-East Competence Center of Platelet Disorders, France

Clinical and laboratory approach to disseminated intravascular coagulopathy in different clinical scenarios and the role of D-dimer

Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) is a serious complication of many clinical scenarios including infection/sepsis, malignancy, and trauma or surgery. DIC remains a clinical diagnosis supported by laboratory data.

  • DIC scoring system introduced by the ISTH/SSC, including platelet count, PT, fibrinogen and D-dimer levels
  • The role of D-dimer as the key marker for diagnosis and prognosis
  • Diagnostics criteria, D-dimer sensitivity, and negative predictive value

In addition, the speaker will share relevant experience with the INNOVANCE®* D-Dimer assay in a single center prospective study.

Platelet parameters and morphology investigation: where these can help in diagnosing platelet disorders

Inherited thrombocytopenias (IT) are heterogeneous disorders affecting platelet count and function. Distinguishing IT from immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) is a practical challenge, and therefore, patients are at risk of misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment such as administration of intravenous steroids, immunoglobulins and/or needless splenectomy. Diagnostic difficulties reported in literature will be illustrated by clinical cases from the speaker’s individual experience.

Areas of interest in the diagnosis of IT include:

  • Platelet size and morphology analysis
  • MPV values—differences between hematology analyzers
  • The role of MPV, PCT, PDW, MPC, PCDW, MPM, and PMDW
  • Specific platelet phenotype and algorithms based on the platelet parameter assessment

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