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Got Questions?

(Recorded June 24, 2015)
Finding answers to your questions may now be easier than ever.  To assist with planning your financial future, we have assembled a panel of industry-recognized experts to help provide answers to your questions.  Submit your question at www.retiresmartFAQ.com by 5/31 and our panel may answer it during the national video broadcast.  Register to view all of experts answer your questions.

Strategies to Help Be an Even Better Saver

(Recorded April 8, 2015)
Join us for this online seminar featuring Farnoosh Torabi, best-selling author, financial journalist, and Gen Y money coach.  Farnoosh will share thought-provoking ideas and actions to help make you an even better saver.  She discusses why planning early for retirement is so important, ways to increase your saving rate, and how to take control and manage debt.

Understanding How Social Security Fits into Your Retirement Strategy

(Recorded February 18, 2015)
This online seminar reviews common questions and misconceptions about the role Social Security may play as part of your overall retirement plan. We have teamed up with Rob Kron from BlackRock® Investments, one of the largest asset management firms in the world.  Mr. Kron’s background includes extensive experience, knowledge, and insight on Social Security and America’s top retirement planning challenges.  He covers retirement planning & longevity concerns, how to estimate your Social Security benefits, collection strategies, spousal & survivor benefits, and basic taxation considerations.

Rescuing Retirement for Late Starters

(Recorded October 15, 2014)
Unfortunately most Americans don’t start planning for retirement until they reach their forties.  If you are getting a late start, you are not alone.  All is not lost.  It is never too late to make a positive impact on your financial future.  Join us for this online seminar with Elisabeth Leamy – Emmy award-winning journalist, author, and consumer advocate.  She’ll show you ways to save thousands instead of pinching pennies. Elisabeth will discuss her top five tips for saving big, unclaimed money, and ways to maximize the savings you do have.

The Art of Negotiating a Deal

(Recorded August 6, 2014)
Everyone knows the importance of saving for the future, but often the challenge is knowing where to find meaningful savings that can make a difference. Join us for this online seminar with Farnoosh Torabi, best-selling author, financial journalist, and Gen Y money coach. She will provide specific ideas on how to negotiate better deals for small to large purchases, everyday expenses, and how to ask and get a pay raise..

Journey to Retirement: Enjoy the Ride AND the Destination

(Recorded June 11, 2014)
If you are approaching retirement within the next five to ten years or are a long-term planner considering your retirement options, this seminar is for you.  We have teamed up with Scott Dingwell from BlackRock Investments – one of the largest asset management firms in the world.  Mr. Dingwell will discuss: top components of retirement planning success, the pros and cons of managing your own investments, help you understand when you’ll be able to retire, and review your costs and income through retirement.