Efforts towards Standardization and Harmonization of Thyroid Function Tests
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Efforts towards Standardization and Harmonization of Thyroid Function Tests

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Dr. Linda Thienpont, Pharm, Clinical Chemist, PhD
Director of Laboratory for Analytical Chemistry
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ghent University, Belgium

Thyroid disease is a prevalent and important worldwide health concern that affects 4–8% of the global population. Currently, a variety of clinically relevant thyroid function tests are available to help diagnose and manage the various thyroid diseases. For proper patient treatment and care, it is critical that test results compare well from lab to lab and method to method. However, it is apparent in the medical community that there has been a lack of standardization and harmonization across the various thyroid function tests.

Current efforts toward resolving these concerns have been spearheaded by the IFCC Working Group for Standardization of Thyroid Function Testing (WG-STFT) chaired by Dr. Linda Thienpont. In this webinar, Dr. Thienpont discusses work now underway in support of standardization and harmonization.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the current status of method biases for thyroid function testing (TFT).
  • Recognize the benefits of using standardized assays for management of thyroid disease.
  • Describe the current and future study phases of the IFCC Working Group’s TFT standardization efforts.

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